Netflow Anomaly


Paessler NetFlow Generator  v.1.0

Netflow Generator creates artificial NetFlow Version 5 data streams without the need for NetFlow compatible hardware. It is the perfect tool for testing the NetFlow functionality of PRTG or other NetFlow compatible programs.

Anomaly  v.Release 1 Beta

Anomaly is an software that can be used for generating one or more passwords, with varying levels of complexity.Anomaly Features: 1. There are four password complexity options for you to choose from; Include Numbers, Include Symbols, Include Lower


Netflow Collector  v.

Netflow Collector can control enterprise networks, a Windows service based Netflow collector.Netflow Collector Features: 1. Netflow collector Windows service. 2. Real-Time Netflow monitor 3. Netflow v5, v9 are supported 4. Failover database logging

Flowalyzer NetFlow & sFlow Communicator  v.1.0

Flowalyzer is a free network communication Tool Kit for verify network connections and network traffic routes to and from your hardware. Flowalyzer can help IT experts troubleshoot hardware from vendors of all types, ensuring that the correct

JNFA - Java NetFlow Analyzer  v.1.0

JNFA - is a netflow analyzer.

Anomaly Warzone Earth  v.1.0.1

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NetFlow2SQL Collector  v.2.0.1041

NetFlow2SQL Collector can be used to receive NetFlow packets from routing devices and store their contents into databases on Microsoft SQL and MySQL servers for retrieval and analysis. NetFlow2SQL Explorer explores stored data, exports into csv, xls.


A professional commercial software that provides in-depth IP traffic analysis, traffic accounting and bandwidth monitoring. It contains a network traffic analyzer and collector that supports NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, IPv6 and Port Mirroring.

RzKFlow  v.2.0

Collect and present (Cisco) NetFlow records sent from switches or routers with RzKFlow. The software aggregates the received records for a given interval of time and until midnight.

NetCrunch  v.

An all-in-one and agentless network monitoring and management system, capable of monitoring every device in your network. Monitor bandwidth, availability, performance and NetFlow. Automatic views and maps. All leading operating systems supported.

FSonar  v.1.5

The fSonar program is a network sensor utilizing NetFlow or IPFIX protocols.

PCAnalyzer  v.

PCAnalyzer 0.1 is a registry tool that fixes or removes registry keys whose values show some anomaly.

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